Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hello again Drama gods, no idea if i spelt the title right! But then again who knows how its spelt. Annnyyyyhooo i went to a schools choir concert this morning and actually quite enjoyed myself considering i was expecting to really not to.

It was when the kids sang Candy Man that i got really into it because it brought back so many of my own childhood memories and i ended up singing along. It was good the whole choir team went because it was good to show the schools support considering they'll hopefully be joining us at Ham House. And now finally after this event has finished we'll be able to get some concrete answers from them.

Also the Concert was raising money for a choir in Africa called Agape that has been getting some critical acclaim and the kids even sang some of the songs (Pigogo and Hlanhleyo) that Agape are well know for. These songs i actually really enjoyed and the children did very very well to memorise songs that werent even in their native tongue.

All in all i think the school choirs are going to be more successfull at ham than i first realised!!

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  1. im glad that you had fun and that you had a sudden realsation of how the choirs can be for the event and i look forward to hearing all the tales from your other choir stories... anf you almost spelt it right its, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious....just in case you were wondering :D x