Wednesday, 24 March 2010


Hello again Drama gods, no idea if i spelt the title right! But then again who knows how its spelt. Annnyyyyhooo i went to a schools choir concert this morning and actually quite enjoyed myself considering i was expecting to really not to.

It was when the kids sang Candy Man that i got really into it because it brought back so many of my own childhood memories and i ended up singing along. It was good the whole choir team went because it was good to show the schools support considering they'll hopefully be joining us at Ham House. And now finally after this event has finished we'll be able to get some concrete answers from them.

Also the Concert was raising money for a choir in Africa called Agape that has been getting some critical acclaim and the kids even sang some of the songs (Pigogo and Hlanhleyo) that Agape are well know for. These songs i actually really enjoyed and the children did very very well to memorise songs that werent even in their native tongue.

All in all i think the school choirs are going to be more successfull at ham than i first realised!!

To Flashmob or not to Flashmob


Last Saturday I part in a rather interesting social community event called a Flashmob!! For those of you who dont know a Flashmob (if done correctly) is a massive pretend gun fight, with your hands for guns! Literally this was organised on Facebook and over 400 people turned up in Trafalger Square to take part.

It was inspired by the classic Spaced episode were Simon Pegg and the female lead save themselves from being mugged by engaging so vagrant youths in a flashmob, the theory being that all male teens always play along. So the organiser turned up dressed as Nick Frost (who plays a gun nut in Spaced) and over 400 people gravitated towards him.

At first i was worried id feel a bit foolish but after seeing a literal tidal wave of people drawing their guns in slow motion i got quite into and went for the most lethal weopon my mind could muster! My trusty butter knife!!

It was actually quite inspiring to see so many people turn up from so many different backgrounds to just take part in somthing quite simple. It wasnt even massively organised. It just goes to show what one person can do with the internet and what someone can do if they market an event successfully.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

I Have Returned

After a near 4 month absent i have returned! The reason for me being so lame and late with these posts is equall part lazyness and the fact that i actually struggle to find what to say! But anyway im going to move on from all that and remove the self inflicted mental block!

First things first! Im tremendously happy to be back at uni properly since my whole 'health issues' have actually finally, after two years, buggered off. But just to give people a heads up, sadly due to said health problems I can now get a lil forgetfull so i apologise if i get a bit confused with what i have and havent done! Sorry everyone but its a side effect i'll gladly take considering the alternative And secondly im not going to write an epic blog about all that ive done since my last one! because quite frankly everyone already knows that ive been in contact with choirs yadayadayada!

So i shall simply commence with what ive done today and recently! In terms of the choirs and churches its the same old (mainly with churches) i ring up every couple of days and they express all this enthusiasm but not actually give me a definate answer! Whats up with that! Makes me go grrrrr. But oh well i shall go forth and pester mwahahaha

In terms of the meetings, apart from the usual speaking over everyone today didnt go so bad (apart from the room mix up) but it really wasnt the second years fault! im quite glad we left early purely because it gave me and Ben the chance to come up with some pretty decent ideas (i hope) for mehico night on wednesday! Chillie eating contest should be rather amusing : )

But anyway i shall leave this now and i shall return soon with more actual info and not mere musings at the fact im back!

bon voyage Drama Gods