Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Mass Team Leader Bonanzaaaaaa

Dear Drama Gods,

Last Sunday Zoe, Rachel, Patsy and I all met up with the Choir Team Leaders at Ham House who are getting involved with this momentouse project. Essentially the purpose of the meeting was to give the Teams the run through of the day, answer any queries and show them where they will be on the actual day and at what times they had to be their.

The day started well with us meeting an hour before the teams turned up to just have a run through of what we were going to individually talk about to the choirs and I had the pleasure of talking about the Itineray . We took a nice tour round the grounds to confirm where we are going to put the choir and we were all confident that it should all going according to plan and be a ncie atmosphere for the public when they visit the house.

I started out by actually waiting at the gates and directing the Team Leaders to the Orangery where we were holding the meeting and then i eventually joined the others and listened to Rachel give a lovely review of the schedule for the 23rd of May, going into detail the rotor for the actual Choirs, explaining where they will be and what time.

Then I told them the Itinerary for the day (a glorified rendition of the overall schedule for the day not just involving the choirs) and I must admit i think I could have done better when answering the questions. I was stumped when they asked me about car parking spaces availabale, having to be reminded by Patsy about the Green Policy Ham, and indeed, Ham House is trying to adopt.

After i'd told them the Itinerary Zoe took the Team Leaders on a tour round the gardens showing them the sites at which they will singing, making sure to mention that there will be flags their just incase they forget the site placement. Also all four of us had to mention that it was imperative that they not rely on us to tell them the schedule because we will quite honestly be all over the place on sunday.

All in all i beleive the meeting went very very well. We answered all the queries correctly and the majority of the choirs arrived so we know who to expect for certain on the actualm day. I must admit it all seems more real now and i honestly cant believe this project, which weve all worked so hard towards is next week! Anyone panicking yet?? Ah well we're gonna rock! We all know it : D

See ya later alligator

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