Thursday, 18 March 2010

I Have Returned

After a near 4 month absent i have returned! The reason for me being so lame and late with these posts is equall part lazyness and the fact that i actually struggle to find what to say! But anyway im going to move on from all that and remove the self inflicted mental block!

First things first! Im tremendously happy to be back at uni properly since my whole 'health issues' have actually finally, after two years, buggered off. But just to give people a heads up, sadly due to said health problems I can now get a lil forgetfull so i apologise if i get a bit confused with what i have and havent done! Sorry everyone but its a side effect i'll gladly take considering the alternative And secondly im not going to write an epic blog about all that ive done since my last one! because quite frankly everyone already knows that ive been in contact with choirs yadayadayada!

So i shall simply commence with what ive done today and recently! In terms of the choirs and churches its the same old (mainly with churches) i ring up every couple of days and they express all this enthusiasm but not actually give me a definate answer! Whats up with that! Makes me go grrrrr. But oh well i shall go forth and pester mwahahaha

In terms of the meetings, apart from the usual speaking over everyone today didnt go so bad (apart from the room mix up) but it really wasnt the second years fault! im quite glad we left early purely because it gave me and Ben the chance to come up with some pretty decent ideas (i hope) for mehico night on wednesday! Chillie eating contest should be rather amusing : )

But anyway i shall leave this now and i shall return soon with more actual info and not mere musings at the fact im back!

bon voyage Drama Gods

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