Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Amici and the Power of Yes

Ok first things first! i know this blog is incredibly late and i probably have a bit to say about certain things i've done recently so bare with me! I know at least one aspect of this blog is somewhat interesting (Amici) and another is incredibly boring (the power of yes) so take a deep breath and delve into the waffle i am about to write.

First and foremost the exciting stuff...AMICI. i must admit i was really nervous about going to this dance and physical theatre workshop because for anyone who has seen me dancing at the SU or Oceana really really knows that dance is not listed on my Big Relatively Small List of Talents. And the less said about my physical theatre talents the better. Anyway! i hopped on the 33 and made my way to Hammersmith and after 30 mins of aimless wandering found myself at the Lyric.

I must admit i was happy to see other st mary's dudes there! i had it stuck in my head that i'd be the only one so i was really relieved to see others that i recognised and i was pleasantly surprised by Wolfgang the Workshop leader who was really friendly and welcoming! The object of the workshop was to implement dance and physical theatre with disabled people and if i'm honest i did feel a bit intimidated because ive never really worked or interacted with disabled people before and i found it a bit overwhelming to begin with. But watching them work and their lack of fear or nerves really inspired me. They really put all of themselves into what they doing and some of the improvisation they did was really moving, and at the end of the day after a awkward beginning i found it so easy to work with them and i could see myself easily doing it again.

I was really happy i went along to the workshop because i havent really gotten involved in stuff like that before and i really want to experience different aspects of drama and how it can influence communities. I've got to say that Amici is doing admirable work and i would definately want to work with them in the future! Regardless of their immense members waiting list. Oh and a big shout to Zoe who gave me a lift back! THANK YOU : D

Ok now onto possibly the most boring production ive ever seen. The Power of Yes. Ok i understand why its important, i kind of understand why its been raved about but i dont understand why i had to sit through it. I have never fallen asleep in a production before never, and i've seen some real boring stuff, but this, this is just unexplainable. If it wasnt for Megan and Siobhan prodding me or laughing at my near collision with the row in front as i dropped off i would of slept through the whole thing! i nodded off in the first ten minutes! How does that happen. If it wasnt for the genuinely nice day out with my mates i would of been sent into a depressed slump at the pure waffle these actors where waffling at me. Though i must give them there due's the actors did seem like bankers and were believable enough to make you think they knew they're stuff, even if 99% of them were old men.

Sorry for the epic blog but i needed to get something down before i had even more waffle to talk about! As a side note in relation to Drama in the Community. i saw some clay models outside the library! it seemed like a nice idea to somehow implement this creativity for the christmas shows or perhaps do some kinda stories around them. Anyone agree, disagree, think i'm crazy??


  1. Its David Hare...what do you expect? I remember having to sit through The Permanent Way when I was about 15 I nealy gave up theatre for life then and there!

  2. those clay models were genius. i didnt even notice them unti you pointed them out to me. I love things that seem unlikly to find put them in an obvious place and not many people would question it. Maybe we should try something like this or encouperate that into our performances.

  3. I agree with you on The Power of Yes. It was dull, it wasn't a bad experience, but certainly was a bad play. It's difficult to balance an onslaught of information with enough theatricality to engage the audience. We can learn from this play when performing in the summer. We must balance the history of Ham House, which from our tour guide experiences we have learnt can be quite overwhelming, with a theatricality and personality in which to deliver the facts.